How bad taste in your mouth may more serious

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There’s a medical term for it: -But it turns out there is an actual medical term used to describe an abnormal taste in our mouths.

It can be acid reflux: -That bad taste in your mouth can be stomach acid. When you suffer from acid reflux.

It may be a sign that your hormones are changing: -Our mouths can give us feedback about our hormone levels. 

It might be a sign of infection: -From a cold to an ear infection, and strep throat, both viral and bacterial infections

You might have xerostomia, aka dry mouth: -Your mouth can get dry due to a number of factors, namely poor hydration. 

It might be your liver: -A bad taste in your mouth can actually be caused by hepatitis B.

It’s pretty common: -We’ve all, at some point in our lives, had a strange or bad taste in our mouths. 

It might be a dental hygiene issue: -It might be worth reevaluating your dental routine. Look for any signs of redness on your gums, or receding gums.

Pregnancy: -Hormone fluctuations experienced during pregnancy can also affect taste.

Menopause: -If this is your case, there are things you can do to stimulate saliva production and increase moisture. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine.

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