How Facebook changed our lives

Facebook - Facebook has more than two billion daily active users, making it a huge part of many people's lives.

Positive: keeping in touch - Facebook makes it easy and simple to stay in touch with family and friends.

Positive: self-expression -
Facebook can be an outlet for self-expression through statuses, likes, and shares, among other features.

Positive: international -
Facebook gives people all over the world the opportunity to interact with and learn about other cultures and countries.

Positive: new friends - Online networking can also help people make new connections and friendships.

Positive: promoting a business or brand - Using sites like Facebook is a great way for a business to promote themselves and their brand.

Positive: boredom - Facebook is a great boredom buster when people are stuck in waiting rooms or long lines.

Negative: gossip - With social media and smartphones, gossip, especially hurtful in nature, can spread fast.

Negative: stalker-friendly - Complete strangers can easily gain access to personal information about others on Facebook without them even knowing.

Negative: addiction - Facebook can be incredibly addictive, making it hard for people to go very long without checking their news feed.

Negative: low self esteem - Studies show that constantly comparing ourselves to others, which is hard not to do on social media platforms, can be harmful for our self esteem.

Negative: isolation - Constant Facebook usage can lead to people isolating themselves instead of getting out of the house and meeting new people in the real world.

Negative: health problems - Spending too much time in front of screens is linked to various health problems such as obesity and diabetes.

Negative: lack of security/privacy - The amount of information we put online can have consequences for our personal privacy and security.

How to stay safe - Don't overshare personal information on your "about me" page or in your posts and photos.

How to stay safe -
Protect your location by not using the location or check-in features.

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