How Farm Aid keeps America growing

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Drought: -This assistance extends to hardship caused by severe drought such as the one experienced in June 2021 north of Kingman, Arizona.

Wildfires: -The Family Farm Disaster Fund also offers aid to farmers whose land and property have been devastated by wildfires.

How it all started: -On July 13, 1985, during his set at the Live Aid Concert in Philadelphia, Bob Dylan. 

Threat to livestock: -By extension, drought can also decimate livestock herds, thus reducing or cutting off completely vital revenue streams.

Neil Young: -Dylan's suggestion inspired fellow musicians Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp.

Bob Dylan: -Also among the many artists appearing at the first Farm Aid gig was Bob Dylan himself.

Family Farm Disaster Fund: -Farm Aid created the Family Farm Disaster Fund to help farm families recover from weather-related disasters.

John Mellencamp: -And here's John Mellencamp, known for his catchy brand of heartland rock.

What is Farm Aid?: -In the wake of the 1985 concert, Farm Aid was created. A non-profit organization headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Willie Nelson: -Veteran musician and activist Willie Nelson is also seen here on that day in September 1985, during his set. 

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