How to make the perfect playlist for a loved one

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It’s free, so spend time on it: -While getting a gift someone spent a lot of money on can be flattering, it doesn’t compare to the feeling of knowing someone spent a lot of time making a gift. 

Decide on a mood: -Or two! You don’t have to stick to one genre or only upbeat or downbeat, but it might be helpful to focus your playlist on a mood.

Get creative with occasions: -While it’s nice to give a special someone a playlist for Valentine’s Day or their birthday, consider how awesome .

Write a letter with the tracklist: -This touch is what helps elevate a playlist to a thoughtful, sentimental, sweet gesture.

Treat it like a time capsule: -Don’t shy away from putting in some currently popular tracks. 

The first song is the most important: -This is the song that will establish the theme and deliberately put them in the mood you want them to be in.

Focus on memories: -If you aren’t sure where to start, one of the best places to look is your memories. 

Keep it to an hour or around 15 songs: -You might find reaching an hour difficult, or that you have way too many songs.

Structure it like a flight: -You don’t want to make a playlist that gives the listener aural whiplash.

Make cover art: -Whether you’re burning a CD or making a playlist on Spotify, there is always the opportunity to make cover art.

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