How physiotherapy has shaped medical history

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Chartered Society of Physiotherapy: In Great Britain in 1894, the Chartered Society for Physiotherapy.

Therapeutic exercise: Zander was influential in designing a therapeutic method of exercise carried out by means of special.

Hands-on Hippocrates: Born in 460 BCE, Greek physician Hippocrates is traditionally regarded.

Polio outbreak: The polio outbreak that struck New York City in 1916 infected several thousand people.

Swedish massage: Ling based his Swedish massage techniques on Chinese martial arts.

Royal Central Institute of Gymnastics: In 1813, Pehr Henrik Ling, a Swedish pioneer of physical education.

Physiotherapy as a health profession: Physical therapy, which became better known as physiotherapy.

The genius of Galenus: Later, the Roman surgeon Galenus was instrumental in developing various scientific disciplines.

WWI: In fact, it was during and after the Great War that women began to be recruited.

Mechanotherapy: Another Swedish national, the physician and orthopedist Gustav Zander.

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