How stress can harm your physical health

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Stomach problems: Stress can lead to problems with acid reflux and heartburn. This may, in turn, lead to more serious issues, like stomach ulcers.

Tension headaches: Stress is the number one cause of tension headaches. While these headaches are mild to moderate, they can still be very unpleasant.

Shingles: Illnesses such as shingles can be brought on by chronic stress, as it can be a serious hit to your immune system.

Libido: Your desires can be seriously impaired by stress. Because you are not relaxed, it will be very difficult to get in the mood.

Seizures: The most common trigger for those who have epilepsy and consequently experience seizures is stress.

Heart attack or stroke: Stress can cause fluctuations and elevations in your blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Weight gain: Metabolic syndrome is also known as central obesity. The risk of developing this is much higher in people who experience stress.

Sleep problems: Feeling stressed can interfere with your ability to sleep properly at night. 

Diabetes risk: The more stress-related eating that you partake in, the more likely you are to increase your blood sugar levels.

Not exercising: Stress can reduce your energy levels, leaving you feeling depleted and without any motivation to exercise.

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