How to connect with the Divine Feminine

Explaining the Divine Feminine: In the broadest sense, the Divine Feminine is the feminine aspect of the divine power.

Spiritual concept: The Divine Feminine can also be defined as the spiritual concept that there exists a feminine.

Ancient culture: Examples of this feminine counterpart include the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Sacred energy: The concept can also be interpreted as the sacred spiritual energy that's believed to exist in all of us.

Interconnectivity: This energy, or consciousness, connects us to qualities like intuition (inner wisdom), feeling, nurturing, and receptivity. 

Seeking balance and harmony: The Divine Feminine is the counterpart to the Divine Masculine— the manifestation of male.

Masculine world: We live in a patriarchal society where emphasis is placed on masculine energy. 

Too much masculine energy: This overemphasis on masculine energy can lead us to value thinking over intuition, taking action over being receptive.

Too much feminine energy: On the other hand, too much feminine energy can promote disempowerment and stagnation.

Achieving a balance: So, how do we redress the imbalance and heal this inequality.

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