How to help a depressed friend

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Everyone has their own coping strategies: -Everybody has their coping strategies. Just being around the person .

Reach out: -Depression is by nature a very isolating experience, so the first call to action.

If you don't know how you can help, try asking!: - Aimee Daramus, a licensed clinical psychologist, says instead of spending time.

Avoid clichés: -Bethany Cook, a clinical psychologist, advises avoiding clichés, like.

"It will get better": -Tina B. Tessina, a psychotherapist and author, also heavily advises against saying clichés like  “It’ll get better.”

Have patience: -“Don’t be afraid to call or text even if they aren’t super responsive,” says Powell.

Empathy: -Tessina says that it’s much better to say “sorry that this happened to you” or “you don’t deserve this.”

Validate how they're feeling: -The point is that you’re not trying to fix the person’s problems or telling.

Depressed people feel isolated: -This is because even though a common thing that people do when they’re depressed.

Acceptance: -Daramus says, “Another person might need to vent. Another person might want you to sit on the sofa with them and watch TV.”

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