How to identify a serial dater

They like long, romantic dates: Serial daters usually have scheduled "moves" they use when dating. 

They’re fans of big gestures: While romantic gestures usually show affection, a serial dater will use these often and early on. 

They play the victim card: In order to gain sympathy, serial daters have a habit of portraying themselves as victims. 

They randomly go off-grid: do they suddenly disappear, and then come back with some dramatic excuse.

They like fostering insecurity: Serial daters don't commit to a relationship. So if you find your date casually flirting or bonding with other people.

They like to keep things casual: There's nothing wrong with casual dating, unless it's forced.

They seem unusually interested in your friends: Of course, it's nice when your date shares a good bond with your friends.

They keep the relationship stagnant: A serial dater keeps the relationship stagnant so that it becomes easy for them to move on.

They’re ready to get physically intimate: For a serial dater, physical contact is a way to drive the relationship faster.

They don’t want to discuss their past relationships: Past relationships bring up complex emotions, and everyone processes things differently. 

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