How to master flirtatious body language

Know the time limits you’re working with - It takes between 90 seconds and four minutes for another person to realize that you are flirting with them.

Body language is the most effective sign - That means you have to be bold and emit more than 90 seconds of body language if you want to be seen.

The key is in conveying your interest - Many people mistake flirting as showing off and impressing someone. 

Skip the pickup lines -
Most people spend way too much time worrying about what they’ll say, when what they're not saying is much more effective.

Women are typically great at subtlety - Girls are taught not to be the chaser in romantic situations, they’re often better at using the following body signals to indicate their interest.

The classic "come-hither" look -
It's that unmistakable alluring look that says so much by saying nothing at all.

Restless fingers -
Women tend to let their fingers do the talking with things like tracing their wine glass, twirling their pen, or lightly touching their neck area.

Drawing attention to her lips -
Lips are effective tools for the flirtatious woman, and if she's applying red lipstick without a mirror, it's likely she wants you to notice.

Crossing and uncrossing legs -
Like Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct,' though not so R-rated, crossing your legs can really grab someone's attention. 

Continuous smiling -
No one smiles that much for someone they’re not interested in.

Men are typically more into the hunt - Men tend to make their intentions clear with erect postures and various other techniques to make themselves look bigger.

A slightly raised eyebrow - It’s a classic signal of arousal, whether you’re arousing his mind with your intellect, or something else...

The "accidental" brush -
He might accidentally bump into you on the way to the bathroom and offer a cheeky smile. Oops!

Fixing his hair, clothes, etc. -
This comes from a generalized view that men who are off the clock like to remain relaxed.

The smallest touch -
Men often find an excuse to touch your arm, your back, your shoulder, etc. If performed correctly, the small touch will feel electric.

Men typically use eye contact to test the waters - A man is more likely to approach a woman only after she has made direct eye contact with him. 

Moving in closer -
A popular way men flirt is by moving in closer, indicating that they're completely engaged.

Take a hint the opposite way as well - You have to be just as receptive to signals saying “no” as you are to signals saying “yes.” 

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