How to nurture your child  creativity

Why is creativity important for children: There’s so much more to a child’s fun and games than meets the eye.

Brain-boosting benefits: When infants play and express their creativity, it helps them to develop their motor skills.

Emotional intelligence: As they play, they learn problem-solving, collaborate with others, and think in new, inventive ways. 

Gain confidence: Creativity also helps children feel more confident and reduce stress. 

Creativity is not just about the fine arts: What if your child isn’t interested in drawing, writing, or musical instruments.

Creativity is everywhere: We can apply creativity to all walks of life, and there are many ways to encourage creativity in a child’s way of thinking.

Allow free time for creativity: Many experts believe that unstructured playtime is essential for a child’s development. 

Let them lead: It’s important to let them choose their own adventure during this time without expressing judgement or interfering.

Let them discover: The goal is not for our kids to make a perfect muffin or scarf or origami swan,” Skenazy points out.

Have creative resources on hand: Many creative activities that involve imagination, as well as singing, dancing, and drama, don't necessarily require any tools. 

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