How to wine taste like a pro

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Glassware: - Glassware is of utmost importance in wine tasting. You don’t need an expensive glass.

Age: - Tilt the glass against something white, preferably.

Color: - The richer and deeper the color is, the older the wine usually is, and vice versa.

Aromas: - Wine can have a variety of aromas. The aromas can be fruity, floral, woody, or earthy, among others.

Tears or legs: - If you swirl the glass and then stop you will see that the wine will form tears or legs as the wine goes down. 

Prepping the palate: - It’s important to ensure that your palate is cleansed and hydrated. 

Smell: - Smell the wine before swirling the glass. Use your sense of smell and try to figure out which aromas you are able to identify.

Get informed: - Read the label and look at the wine inside the bottle.

Dark fruits and berries: -Some of the aromas that you might identify in wines include blueberry.

Pour a glass of wine: - It's time to pour some wine. Now, is the wine clear or hazy.

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