Infamous murderers who got married in prison

Richard Ramirez: Richard Ramirez, dubbed the Night Stalker, was a murderer and rapist who terrorized Los Angeles in the 1980s. 

Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker): Lioy became interested in Ramirez after watching the trial.

Ted Bundy: Ted Bundy is one of the most infamous and prolific serial killers in history, confirmed to have taken more than 30 lives.

Ted Bundy: Bundy pulled a stunt during the trial in which he proposed to Boone in the courtroom.

Ted Bundy: Boone divorced Bundy in 1986, a few years before he was executed.

Susan Atkins: The obsession with female killers was rife as far back as the 1960s when the Manson murders took place.

Susan Atkins: Atkins began a relationship with a man named Donald Lee Laisure while she was serving her life sentence.

Susan Atkins: Atkins got married again in 1987. Her second husband was a Harvard law student named James Whitehouse who was 15 years younger than her. 

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson: Tex Watson was another of Charles Mans

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson: Watson started a relationship with a woman named Kristin Joan Svege and they got married in 1979. 

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