Insane Led Zeppelin tales that no one talks about

Heading 1

It all ended in tears: -The two agreed that Page would write the music for the film. 

Working with Kenneth Anger: -Filmmaker Kenneth Anger had been working on ‘Lucifer Rising’ (1972) when he met guitarist Jimmy Page, who was by all means strung out most of the time.

The infamous mud shark incident: -The Inn sat right next to the water, allowing guests to fish straight from their rooms.

Page was chained to a toilet: -It got so bad that Page was once chained to a toilet (with a groupie to keep him company) to stop him from breaking things and racking up a big bill.

Pamela Des Barres: -A Zeppelin groupie named Pamela Des Barres reported that during the mid-70s he would don a full SS regalia uniform and attend drag clubs in it.

Before trashing hotel rooms was a cliché: -Led Zeppelin invented trashing hotel rooms. It’s since become a cliché.

While at the Edgewater Inn: -One of the most infamous stories involves a groupie, the band, and a shark

It also was reported to have been Vanilla Fudge: -The story has never been denied, but it’s also often attributed to another band named Vanilla Fudge.

More of the same: -Eight years after the infamous shark incident at Seattle's Edgewater Inn, the band returned, pledging to be on their best behavior. 

The guitarist is a strange guy: -Jimmy Page is an unusual human being. That’s probably the price you pay for being one of the best guitarists of all time.

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