Songs with the same names that dance to different tunes

Heading 1

Alive' - Sia: Australian singer Sia released 'Alive' in 2015, leading up to the debut of her seventh and critically.

'Alive' - Pearl Jam: Legendary rock band Pearl Jam also happen to have a song called 'Alive.' In fact.

Hello' - Adele :The lead single for Adele's massively successful third studio album, '25,' was 'Hello.

'Hello' - Lionel Ritchie:But 31 years before Adele's release, there was another chart-topping single called 'Hello.

Bad' - U2:A smash hit from the Irish rock band U2, 'Bad' has become one of their most popular songs among fans.

Bad' - Michael Jackson: Certainly the more widely popular of the two is Michael Jackson's 'Bad,' the title single from his seventh studio album. 

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