Is it possible to find love online

Other online dating apps and sites: Only about a fifth of online dating users who participated in the survey reported using OkCupid.

But older respondents also experienced online dating: When it comes to those aged 50 to 64, only 20% said they had used a site or app.

Men and women: Men are more likely to use online dating when compared to women (34% vs. 27%).

Tinder takes the lead: Tinder is the most used online dating app, with 46% of respondents reporting having used it. 

Education: Those with a college-level education are more likely to try online dating than those who just completed high school or less.

Sexual orientation: Lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) adults (as per the survey classification) are more fond of online dating.

Three in 10 adults have used it: According to a survey of 6,034 adults conducted July 5-17, 2022, three in 10 respondents said they used online dating in 2022.

Status: As for divorced, separated, or widowed adults, 36% tried online dating in 2022.

Younger adults used it more: Just over half of those aged under 30 (53%) said they had used a dating site or app.

Status: Those who have never been married dominate online dating platform use (52%).

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