Island-hopping the British Isles

Isle of Wight: Anchored in the Solent in the South of England, the Isle of Wight is England's largest island. 

St. Mary's: The Isles of Scilly is an archipelago off the southwest coast of Cornwall in England.

Isle of Man: Moored in the middle of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is a self-governing Crown Dependency.

Anglesey:Located off the northwest coast of Wales.

Jersey: Another self-governing Crown Dependency, Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands.

Guernsey: The second-largest of the Channel Islands, Guernsey has been a popular tourist destination since the Victorian era.

Holy Island: A speck of land hugging the northeast coast of England.

Isle of Skye: The largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland.

Isle of Arran: Arran, an island off the west coast of Scotland, is a favorite outdoor tourism destination, with walking.

Isle of Mull: The second-largest island of the Inner Hebrides, Mull is home to four castles, two whisky distilleries.

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