Italian food that would make a real Italian cringe

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Pasta, pesto, and... salmon?: - It might be tasty, but do not tell any Italians that this dish is from their country!.

Pasta or paste?: -While you've probably eaten pasta many times, it's also likely that you've eaten overdone noodles. One of the most common mistakes is to cook the pasta for ages.

The real carbonara: - Despite the creamy texture of carbonara, there's actually no cream involved. 

The right pesto: - Outside of Italy, this meal is made with any random nut. But in Italy, the only acceptable ingredient is pine nuts.

Cooking pasta: -So, how do you cook pasta? Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil, add the pasta (don't break it in half), and wait for it to cook. 

Seafood spaghetti... with cheese!: - A basic rule of Italian gastronomy is that seafood should not be paired with cheese so that it won't be overpowered.

Spaghetti with meatballs: - Spaghetti with meatballs is a very popular dish, especially in the United States.

Pasta: -In Italy, there is nothing more typical than a bowl of pasta. Its preparation is so simple that it seems impossible to mess up. However...

Side dish: - If you've ever had pasta as a side dish, you're doing Italian wrong! Pasta is always the highlight of the meal, not an extra.

Veal Milanese: - The Italian recipe is quite specific for this dish: place the veal cutlet into the egg and the breadcrumbs, then fry it in butter.

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