List of the highest roads in the world

Chongnyi La, India -
Perched at a height of 5,632 m (18,477 ft) above sea level, Chongnyi, or Mana Pass, is one of the highest motorable passes in the world. 

Tanglang La, India -
Tanglang La, a high mountain pass in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir, reaches an elevation of 5,328 m (17,480 ft).

Chivay-Arequipa road, Peru -
The spectacular Carretera Chivay-Arequipa, a 149-km (93-mi) mountain road that meanders through Peru's Arequipa region, reaches its highest point of 4,900 m.

Khunjerab Pass, China-Pakistan -
The border crossing at Khunjerab, a mountain pass in the Karakoram range, marks a high-altitude frontier station between Pakistan and China.

Mount Evans Scenic Byway, USA -
Quickly gaining 2,743 m (9,000 ft) through the high plains of Denver in Colorado, Mount Evans Scenic Byway then climbs to a lofty 4,347 m.

Semo La, Tibet -
Semo La was little more than an unsurfaced track traveled by a weekly bus service and convoys of local trucks before being paved in 2015.

Fotu La, India -
At an elevation of 4,108 m (13,478 ft), Fotu La is the highest point on the Leh- Srinagar highway, which snakes its way through India's Himalayan Zanskar range.

Veleta, Spain - This is the highest paved road in Europe. It continues unpaved until reaching 3,380 m (11,089 ft).

Dongkha La, India - The pass is set high in India's remote Sikkim Himalayan region, the paved road leveling out at an elevation of 5,492 m (18,018 ft).

Kaksang La, India -
Situated in Jammu and Kashmir's Changthang region, Kaksang La is often cited as one of the most beautiful high altitude roads to travel on.

Suge La, Tibet -
The road to Suge La, a soaring mountain pass hemmed in by the Nyenchen Dangla mountains, is unpaved but navigable by 4X4 vehicles.

Chang La, India -
Changla La in Ladakh is the third highest motorable pass in the world, a fact denoted by a bright orange altitude marker indicating an elevation of 5,391 m.

Taglang La, India -
Taglang La is a mountain pass that reaches 5,328 m (17,480 ft) and is popular with adventure tourists venturing into Ladakh.

Tlaeng Pass, Africa -
The summit of Tlaeng Pass in Lesotho flattens out at 3,255 m (10,679 ft) to make it the highest road pass in Southern Africa, and Africa's highest drivable pass.

Highwood Pass, Canada -
Picturesque Highwood Pass in Alberta climbs to 2,206 m (7,237 ft) and is the highest paved road in Canada.

Forest Road 123, USA -
The winding and unpaved Forest Road 123 is an extremely challenging high mountain drive located in the Tusher Mountains of Utah.

Beartooth Highway, USA -
Motorists who've followed Beartooth Highway in Wyoming claim it as one of the most beautiful drives in America for its spectacular mountain scenery.

Cime de la Bonette, France -
At 2,802 m (9,192 ft), Cime de la Bonette is the highest paved road in France, and the second highest paved route through the Alps.

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