Legendary lost albums that never saw the light of day

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Marvin Gaye, 'Love Man': -Addicted to cocaine and his estranged wife, Janis Hunter, and annoyed by the way his fans flocked to younger stars.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, 'Wicked Lester': -Before forming Kiss, the pair were members of Wicked Lester and recorded an album in 1972 funded.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 'Human Highway': -Reuniting three years after a disastrous 1970 tour, the band flew to Maui to create.

The Rolling Stones, 'Could You Walk on the Water?': -The Stones' manager in the mid-'60s pushed them to make an album composed of their own songs, which they did in 1965.

Jeff Beck, 'The Motown Album': -The British rocker had big dreams to meld his sound with Motown, but the Funk Brothers weren't happy .

Beach Boys, 'Smile': -The Beach Boys' unfinished album was supposed to follow their 11th album 'Pet Sounds.

Jimi Hendrix, 'Black Gold': -In 1970, Hendrix spoke about his new project, which sought to stretch the bounds of conventional rock.

The Beatles, 'Get Back': -The back-to-basics process of making 'Get Back,' recorded in 1969 for a corresponding Beatles documentary.

Mariah Carey's grunge album: -Mariah Carey first mentioned the existence of a secret alt-rock album in her 2020 memoi.

Bruce Springsteen, 'Electric Nebraska': -Springsteen started recording acoustic guitar and vocal demos at home for 'Nebraska' in 1982.

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