Male celebs who hide their baldness

Charlie Sheen - According to hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Frank, the actor wears a hairpiece.

Elton John - It's no secret that Elton John has had a hair transplant. But he's also known for wearing numerous hairpieces.

John Travolta - The famous actor reportedly wears a wig. However he's more recently shaved his head and embraced his baldness.

Kevin Costner - Did he get a hair transplant? Some say that was the case.

Andre Agassi - The famous tennis player has confessed to wearing a wig in the '90s.

Nicolas Cage - The actor's hair does looks fuller. Maybe he's had something done to it, who knows?

James Nesbitt - A new hairline and fuller hair. We smell a hair transplant.

William Shatner - Shatner has been known to wear a toupee since the Captain Kirk days in 'Star Trek.'

Hugh Laurie - It's been rumored that Dr. House has more hair than the actor who plays him.

Robert Pattinson - The 'Twilight' star has reportedly worn a toupee.

Donald Trump - Trump has never admitted to wearing a wig. But is there more to his hair than we know about?

Billy Bob Thornton - His hair has definitely improved since the '90s.

Kevin James - The actor reportedly wore a toupee while filming 'The King of Queens.'

Ben Affleck - The Hollywood star is rumored to wear a wig on the left side.

Bret Michaels - Poison's front man has admitted to wearing hair extensions.

Wayne Rooney - The English soccer player started to go bald at a fairly young age, but he got his hair back.

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