Marvelous ways to use maple syrup

Chicken with maple syrup glaze - Surprise them at the BBQ with this chargrilled chicken platter. The maple-glazed crispy skin will dazzle everybody.

Courgette pancakes with maple syrup - How about homemade courgette pancakes topped with maple syrup, summer fruits, and zucchini? 

Baked brie and maple syrup - Soft baked brie goes brilliantly with pecan, blueberries, and cranberries, and drizzled liberally with warm maple syrup.

Butternut and apple soup with maple syrup - Spoon up this delicious winter soup option created using butternut and sweet Golden Delicious apples.

Oat porridge with maple caramel apples - A healthy breakfast option is a generous bowl of vanilla oat porridge served with sliced maple caramel apples. 

Maple syrup pancakes - Thick, fluffy maple syrup pancakes made with buttermilk and vanilla epitomizes the taste of home for so many. Enjoy with strawberries, blueberries, or redcurrants.

Maple whiskey bacon cocktail - You'll need bacon-infused bourbon to concoct this devilish cocktail. 

Pecan nut muffins with maple syrup - It's the chopped and roasted pecan nuts that gives this recipe idea its crunchy clout.

Maple syrup-sweetened granola - Start the day with a maple syrup-sweetened bowl of rolled oats, nuts, yogurt, and assorted berries.

Maple cupcakes - A treat for the kids (and sweet-toothed grown-ups), these pint-sized desserts feature quality maple syrup, which is found both in the cupcake and the creamy frosting.

Maple-glazed salmon - Maple syrup works just as well with fish as it does with meat. This simple serving suggestion includes caramelized onions, broccoli, and rice.

Maple, walnut, and cinnamon cake - Celebrating a birthday or special anniversary? Mark it with a marvelous maple and walnut sponge cake spiced with cinnamon.

Walnut and maple syrup ice-cream - Go back to basics with this classic combo, a decades-old boardwalk special that everybody loves

Baked chicken and plums in maple syrup - There's no end to what you can combine when cooking a savory dish.

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