Men's emotional needs in a relationship

What are emotional needs: Like physiological needs, emotional needs must be met in order for us to feel fulfilled.

Men’s emotional needs: Many times men’s emotional needs are not met by their partners.

Emotional connection really matters for men: Contrary to popular belief, many men actually cheat because they feel their emotional needs are not met in their relationships.

Emotional connection really matters for men: While these men report a fondness and deep love for their spouse, they also report a very low or nonexistent amount of validation.

Respect: Everyone needs and wants to feel respected, but this is a big deal for men.

Respect: Men want to feel somewhat admired by their partners, and like to feel that they respect their worth as a man.

Acceptance: Being accepted for who they are and what they are is very important for men.

Acceptance: Accepting a man means including that man in every aspect of your life. 

Trust: If a man doesn’t trust his partner or doesn’t feel like his partner trusts him, then that’s bad news for the relationship. 

Trust: If there is no trust, a man will not be vulnerable around his partner, nor will he share his deepest thoughts.

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