Mind blowing facts about the doll you thought you knew

Barbie's real name: Many people don't know that Barbie is actually short for Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Naughty origins: The 11-inch-tall (29 cm) plastic doll with the figure of an adult woman was actually modeled on the German Bild Lilli doll.

The criticism isn't new: The doll's shape incited controversy even before it was released, as mothers in a 1958.

The result: Parents' criticisms pushed Mattel to advertise the doll directly to children, making Mattel the first toy company to broadcast commercials to kids. 

Pink was not her original color: Though today Barbie Pink is specifically Pantone color PMS 219.

Barbie's first and most famous “accessory: In response to consumer demand in 1961, Mattel introduced Barbie's most famous “accessory”—her boyfriend, Ken.

Barbie has a sister:  While she actually had a few siblings over the years (including Tutti, Todd, Kelly, and Krissy), an early version of her sister Skipper.

The original material girl: Since the 1970s, Barbie has been criticized for her materialism, as there was always a new car, house, or clothes to buy. 

On the contrary: Others argued that Barbie was actually liberating girls from traditional, restrictive gender roles.

Barbie has an impressive CV:  Her résumé includes over 150 careers, including airline pilot, astronaut, zoologist, aerobics instructor, rapper, doctor, NASCAR driver.

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