Most devious celebrity revenge stories

 Julia Roberts - Taking a stand against 'Heelgate,' Roberts appeared on the 2016 Cannes red carpet in a floor-length gown.

Banksy - Banksy hit out at clothes retailer Guess after claiming the company used his designs without permission.

The 'Carlito's Way' costume department - "She was flipping out, but she was mean, she was evil, so they kept doing it," Leguizamo recalled in 2017.

Katy Perry - Performing at her old Santa Barbara high school in 2010, Katy Perry spotted her former crush in the audience and decided to exact her revenge for the time that he rejected her.

Joan Crawford - Crawford allegedly approached the other nominated actresses to volunteer to accept the Best Actress statuette for them should they win.

Tiffany Haddish - Looking back on the revenge she took on an ex-boyfriend whom she found out was cheating on her.

Justin Timberlake - In the video for his 2002 song 'Cry Me a River,' about a cheating ex, Timberlake hired an actress who looked very similar to Spears. 

Bill Murray - Ramis continued, "But Bill said, 'Don't worry, I'm going to learn sign language.' And I think it was so inconvenient that in a couple weeks, he gave that up.

Judd Apatow - Despite the fact that 'Freaks and Geeks' is now regarded as a cult favorite and one of Time's "100 Greatest Shows of All time.

Taylor Swift - The famed pop star is infamous for putting her revenge to music, which not only draws negative attention to those who cross her but also makes her a ton of money.

Calvin Harris - Apparently things ended badly between Calvin Harris and Rita Ora, because Ora was supposed to perform her hit song.

Burt Reynolds - "One Christmas Eve my pilot and I loaded my helicopter with manure from my ranch, flew over the [National Enquirer] building and watched it cascade down their giant Christmas tree.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Joseph Gordon-Levitt was already tired of the aggressive paparazzi following him around back in 2006.

Elin Nordegren - It's plain to see why Elin Nordegren, the Swedish model who married pro golfer Tiger Woods, would take revenge on her now ex-husband.

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