Most iconic celebrity beauty marks

Angelina Jolie -
Angelina Jolie embraces her beauty marks and doesn't conceal them with makeup. 

Cindy Crawford -
Probably one of the world's most iconic moles and indeed one of the supermodel's trademark

Kate Middleton -
The Duchess of Cambridge also has a beauty mark and couldn't look more gorgeous. 

Jennifer Lawrence -
The Oscar-winning actress has numerous beauty marks on her face and body.

Eva Mendes -
The actress's mole spices up her look and she knows it. 

Kylie Jenner -
If she had a million dollars for every mole on her body she would be a billionaire.

Scarlett Johansson -
The actress has a beauty mark on her cheek, which is super cute.

Blake Lively -
Blake Lively is blessed with a beauty mark that enhances her glamorous look. 

Kate Upton -
Believe it or not, Kate Upton's mole even has its own Twitter account!

Paula Abdul -
Paula Abdul's famous beauty mark is located on her left cheek.

Natalie Portman -
The actress refuses to have her spot photoshopped. "No! This is part of me," she said in an interview. 

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Rachel McAdams -
The Canadian actress never conceals her chin beauty spot with makeup

Busy Philipps -
The actress has numerous beauty marks and she proudly displays them. 

Dita Von Teese -
The "Queen of Burlesque" found a way to add to her glamorous look by inking a permanent spot on her face.