The most naturally dangerous places in the world

Fukushima: This desolate landscape is what is left of the Japanese city of Fukushima.

Vanuatu archipelago: In the Pacific Ocean lies Vanuatu. It's a tiny country made up of volcanic islands. 

Death Valley: Extremely cold in winter and deathly hot in the summer, this valley is no place for the faint-hearted.

Fraser Island: Despite its cute appearance, the dingo is not man's best friend. 

Haiti: As we saw with the tragic 2010 earthquake, Haiti is at constant risk of a natural disaster.

Ilha da Queimada Grande: This Brazilian island would be many people's worst nightmare.

Lake Nyos: In Cameroon, residents still remember the Nyos disaster.

Naples: The city is overlooked by Vesuvius, which, if it erupted would cause a disaster of unimaginable magnitude.

Mailuu-Suu: During the existence of the USSR, this town in Kyrgyzstan was classified as a secret nuclear city.

North Sentinel Island: It is not nature that will kill you here, but the residents.

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