Most shocking Catholic Church scandals

Pope Alexander VI’s supposed fetishes - He is said to have gotten 50 women to strip, and then chestnuts were thrown on the floor, “forcing the women to grovel around their feet like swine,”.

Persecuting Muslims for 300 years - It is estimated that the horror journey towards the Holy Land claimed about 1.7 million lives. 

The atrocities committed by Pope Boniface VIII - Pope Boniface VIII, the head of the Catholic Church between 1294 and 1303, appears to have been anything but holy. 

Witch hunts -
It is estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 people were burned at the stake (mostly women).

Getting rid of the Knights Templar - The Catholic military order founded in 1118 was instrumental during the Crusades and indeed in serving the Church.

Burning Joan of Arc at the stake - …for dressing like a man. Yes, the famous French heroine helped fight the English out of the country, but she was also persecuted by the Catholic Church.

Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust - For many years, Pope Pius XII has been criticized for ignoring eye witness reports of the mass executions of Jewish people by the Nazis.

Killing William Tyndale for making a Bible for the masses - The English scholar was burned at the stake by the Church for translating the Bible into English so that everyone could read it.

Burning John Wycliffe 43 years after his death - A contributor to Protestantism, Wycliffe believed the Catholic Church should give up its possessions. 

Imprisoning Galileo because - Galileo Galilei suggested the Earth moves around the sun, and that the star was the center of the universe.

Getting paid to absolve sins - During the rule of Pope Leo X (1513-1521), it was common practice for people to pay to get their sins absolved.

Covering up numerous sexual abuse cases - For many years, numerous cases of sexual abuse, including of minors, have been covered up by the Catholic Church.

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