Most shocking love triangles in history

The affair that created a new religion - King Henry VIII was known for having six wives, so it's likely there was more than one love triangle throughout his life.

Louis XIV's many loves - Louis XIV of France named himself the Sun King, seeing himself as the center of his kingdom the same way the Sun is the center of our solar system.

Marquise de Montespan - The Marquise de Montespan was a noblewoman in the court of Louis XIV who had a reputation for being a greedy social climber. 

Queen Victoria's daughters - Queen Victoria was one of the most influential queens in British history.

Princess Louise - Princess Louise was said to be Victoria's most beautiful and free-spirited daughter, and she got away with choosing her own husband. 

The president's wife - Rachel Jackson was the wife of the 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.

Helen of Troy - Helen of Troy started out as Helen of Sparta, which gives you an idea of where this story is going! At a young age, she was married to Menelaus, ruler of the Spartans.

The Trojan War - The Spartans and the Trojans engaged in a bloody war that lasted 10 years, and Helen is still named as the cause to this day.

Lady Francesca da Rimini - She was engaged to a man called Gianciotto da Malatesta, but the legend goes that she was in love with his younger brother, Paolo.

Queen Eleanor of Aquitane - Eleanor of Aquitane was a powerful monarch of the 12th century. Through her two marriages she served as Queen of France and Queen of England.

King Henry II - Eleanor did not stay single for very long. Within two months, she was married to Louis' great rival, King Henry II of England. 

The Earl of Sandwich - John Montagu succeeded his grandfather to become the fourth Earl of Sandwich in 1729. 

The mistress - The Earl was married, but he had a mistress named Martha Ray. She remained his mistress for years, but she also had another admirer. 

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