Mouthwatering dumplings from around the world

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Xiao long bao: - What separates xiao long bao from other steamed Chinese dumplings is the way the skin is pinched at the top.

Banh bot loc: - The tapioca flour wrapping of these Vietnamese pork and shrimp dumplings give it a translucent look and chewy texture.

Manti: - Manti dumplings were reportedly adopted by Turks who traveled across Central Asia during the Mongol Empire.

Ravioli: - This Italian staple can be packed with any combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Char siu bao: - This dim sum classic is a Cantonese barbecue feast tucked away in a fluffy, chewy bun.

Maultaschen: - This traditional German dish is filled with sausage meat, spinach, bread crumbs, onions, herbs, and various spices. 

Kreplach: - Often called the “Jewish ravioli,” this Eastern European dumpling uses a thin dough made of flour and egg.

Momo: - Momos are dumplings largely found in Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine.

Pelmeni: - These savory Russian dumplings, often filled with meat and mushrooms, look like the love child of tortellini and pierogies.

Wontons: - China’s wontons have a thin skin and are served in a broth, though they are sometimes also deep-fried.

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