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Musicians who got fired from famous bands

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Dave Navarro - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Dismissal: 1998. He had been in the group since 1992.

Nick Oliveri - Queens of the Stone Age - Homme, who later fired Joey Castillo (the band's drummer from 2002 to 2013)

Pete Best - Beatles - Dismissal: 1962. No one recalls this one, but Pete Best was The Beatles' first drummer! 

Steve Perry - Journey - Dismissal: 1997. The band's lead singer, who helped them reach stardom with singles 'Raised On Radio' 

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Scott Weiland - Stone Temple Pilots - Dismissal: 2012. The band's front man, who had been acting erratically because of his problems with addiction, learned through the press that he was fired.

Jon Anderson - Yes - Dismissal: 2007. Yes was preparing a 40th anniversary celebration tour but the lead singer got extremely ill due to breathing problems.

Dave Mustaine - Metallica - Dismissal: 1983. Not many people remember this, but the Megadeth lead singer was in Metallica.

Nick Oliveri - Queens of the Stone Age - Dismissal: 2004. The bassist, who was one of the band's founders

Steven Adler - Guns N' Roses - Dismissal: 1990. The drummer, who had serious drug issues, was kicked out of the band 

Slash - Guns N' Roses - Slash leaving the band in 1996 is still a source of contention.

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Richard Wright - Pink Floyd - Dismissal: early 80s. In this case the exact details remain unclear.