Myths, truths, and fun facts about milk

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Good for teeth: - Milk contains calcium, the main mineral involved in the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth.

Good for sleeping: - Milk might also help you fall asleep. In fact, calcium stimulates relaxation, and the amino acid.

Complete food: - Milk is considered a complete food. It's full of essential nutrients, including protein and minerals.

Daily recommendations: - Three cups of milk is equivalent to the daily recommendation for calcium intake in adults, according to specialists.

Can pregnant women drink milk?: - This food is an essential source of calcium and protein that benefits a developing fetus.

Prevent obesity: -A study by the University of California showed that people who drink milk are less likely.

Cholesterol: - A recent study claims that drinking milk can help to manage obesity and diabetes, and control cholesterol levels in the blood.

Essential for all phases of life: - Milk is good for our health.

High blood pressure: - Studies show that low-fat milk and other low-fat dairy products can help reduce blood pressure.

Recommended for physical activity: - Not many people are aware, but milk is a hydrating drink. 

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