NASA inventions we use every day

The Dustbuster: Back in the '70s, NASA needed a new drill to scoop up dust from the Moon's surface.

Fogless coating for goggles and glasses: To prevent its spacecraft windows from fogging up.

Freeze-dried food: Freeze-drying technology was developed by NASA to make snacks more portable for long Apollo missions.

Athletic wear fabrics: Athletic wear are made of materials with cooling system technology.

Ear thermometers: Used by parents of sick babies and toddlers, these thermometers use infrared anatomy technology.

Memory foam: Temper foam, also known as memory foam, was first created as padding to improve airline crash protection.

Scratch-resistant lenses: In the '70s, NASA developed a way to apply a specific kind of thin plastic coating on the spacecraft.

Cold-resistant tires: For the Apollo 14 mission in 1971, NASA designed a portable workbench on wheels.

Safe packaged food: Originally intended to ensure the safety of foods for spaceflights.

Aluminized Mylar: Used to regulate body temperature, these blankets were developed by NASA.

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