Natural wonders that were created by accident

Ojos del Salar (Chile) - The result was this incredible natural wonder that fascinates tourists from all over the world. 

Darvaza gas crater (Turkmenistan) - The orange flames are about 70 m in diameter and produce a strong sulfuric smell.

To Sua Ocean Trench (Samoa) - This incredible natural pool was created as a result of erosion caused by the water

Tunnel of Love (Ukraine) - This incredible 7 km tunnel was created by nature and dubbed the 'tunnel of love' by Kleven's residents.

Fly Geyser (United States) - This green and red wonder is today one of the most incredible natural settings in the world. 

Las Médulas (Spain) - This incredible mountainous landscape is a pre-historic gold-mining site and the largest open-pit gold mine in the entire Roman Empire. 

Dark Hedges (Northern Ireland) - The trees were planted by a family with the purpose of decorating the access to their mansion a few years ago.

Fly Geyser (United States) - This incredible natural attraction located in the Gerlach area near Nevada 

Great Blue Hole (Belize) - This incredible water hole is a massive underwater sinkhole.

Hamilton Pool (United States) - Here the accident wasn't caused by humans, but by the work of nature.