Nature's most colorful creatures

Clownfish - The clownfish is found in the colder waters of the Indo-Pacific regions and the Red Sea.

Oriental dwarf kingfisher - This small and dainty bird lives in the densely forested regions of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Red-headed rock agama - The 37 species of Agama are widespread throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Cobalt blue tarantula - Its iridescent blue legs only amplify this spider's menacing appearance. Watch out for this guy in Myanmar and Thailand.

Rainbow grasshopper - Native to North America, the best times to admire this vivid insect are morning and evening, in full sun.

Grey crowned crane - One of Africa's most striking bird species, the grey crowned crane is remarkable for its crown of stiff golden feathers.

Keel-billed toucan - Another colorful and conspicuous resident of Central America and the northern reaches of South America.

Mandrill - Mandrills are the world's largest monkeys and endowed with exceptionally colorful faces.

Western crowned pigeon - A remarkable crown of delicate lacy crests distinguishes this beautiful but vulnerable Papua New Guinea native.

Red-eyed tree frog - With its fixed grin, quizzical eyes, and wonderfully vibrant coat, this quirky amphibian is a must-see resident of Central and South America.

Cuckoo wasp - Distinguished for its shimmering metallic colors, this species is present in the hot, dry desert regions of the world.

Mandarinfish - Native to the Pacific Ocean, this resplendent species is often cited as the most beautiful fish in the ocean. But beware. It's poisonous!

Candy crab - These colorful crabs thrive on the soft coral found throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

Yellow-collared lovebird - A member of the parrot family, lovebirds are social, affectionate, and number several different species.

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