Gwyneth Paltrow's most outrageous Goop controversies

Heading 1

Psychic Vampire Repellent protection mist: - Goop sold this somehow real product alongside other sprays including.

Cure-all space stickers: -In a now-deleted post from 2017, Goop promoted US$120 wearable stickers from the brand Body Vibes.

How to live your "leanest livable weight": - In 2018, Goop stoked the fire for publishing an article on how to achieve your. 

The Mother Load: - This "top-of-the-line natal protocol" was included in the dangerous claims, as it was said to contain .

Controversy from the inside: -One of Goop's top executives has spoken out against the brand.

One month after the egg scandal:… - Goop was reported to UK advertising regulators over "misleading and potentially dangerous claims.

The infamous jade egg: - One of the most widely known Goop controversies involves its jade and rose quartz egg-shaped stones.

Voluntary colonics: - Goop faced backlash for an article promoting colonics, a procedure that cleans out the colon with water.

V-steaming: - In a 2015 post, Goop praised vaginal steams or “V-Steam.

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