Peek inside Japan surreal island of cat

Cats are king: They prowl the island, curling up wherever the afternoon sun hits, or strutting around the quiet village.

The island: In 1945, the mile-long island served as a fishing village with a population of approximately 900.

A solution to a problem: A small colony of a few breeds of cats were originally brought over to help with pest control.

The cats got off the boats: And they multiplied fast, almost at the same rate as the human population dwindled.

But they were welcome: Residents cared for the furry creatures, and veterinarians still come to the island to check up on them.

Japan loves cats: Cat cafés have been popular in Tokyo for a while, catering to the feline fans who can't keep pets at home.

They've left their mark: The adorable creatures have become an inseparable part of the island. 

Every home is shared: If you've got a ledge, a doorstep, or a roof, that's free real estate for a feline.

Things can get a bit tight: There is only so much space on an island.

Mostly they just snooze: These island cats are, naturally, quite laid back. 

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