People are getting drunk the most in these countries

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Averages: -On average, respondents reported getting drunk 14.6 times a year. 

Demographics: -30% of the respondents were under 25, while 38.5% of the sample were aged 35 or older.

Drinking frequency: -Surveyed people in France, New Zealand, and the Netherlands reported drinking more frequently than in other countries. 

What “being drunk” means: -The GDS defines being drunk as “having drunk so much that your physical and mental faculties .

Which countries are getting drunk the most: -According to the survey, English-speaking countries and Scandinavian countries get drunk.

Who gets drunk more often: -In some countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Denmark, trans, non-binary.

When and where: -The GDS surveyed participants from December 2020 to March 2021.

Education and mental health: -In terms of education, 47% had at least an undergraduate degree. 

Top 10 most used drugs: -Overall, alcohol tops the list, followed by cannabis (THC), tobacco products, MDMA.

Global Drug Survey: -The Global Drug Survey (GDS) is an independent research organization based in the UK.

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