The important inventions related to foods and drinks

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The fishhook: -The earliest fishhooks date back at least 9,000 years, and were made of wood or bone. 

The cork: -Cork is the outer layer of the cork oak, which is widely found in Portugal, where more than half of the world's cork is produced. 

Fire: -Our ancestors probably figured out how to start, and hopefully stop.

Canning: -Developed in the early 19th century, canning is a method of preserving food by processing and sealing it in an airtight container. 

Tongs: -The first tongs were most likely just two unattached sticks that someone brilliantly decided to attach together.

The knife: -Considered the oldest human tool, the first knives were pieces of obsidian or flint with their sides sharply chipped.

The grater: -Sure, knives can cut. But what about shredding raw veggies and cheese? That's thankfully where the grater steps in. 

Irrigation: -Irrigation is the automatic watering of land and soil. It's used for growing agricultural crops, and in the revegetation of dry areas.

The rolling pin: -For centuries, people have used stone, clay, and wood to flatten dough and crush grains and herbs.

Pasteurization: -Whether solid or liquid, heating up food to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria can be traced back hundreds of years to Asia.

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