Prison slang you didn’t know the meaning of

Fish -
This term is given to someone convicted of a crime who just arrived to prison. A "fish" is new to prison politics and how the facility is operated.

Jody -
"Jody" is a man who hooks up with an imprisoned person’s wife or girlfriend outside of prison. 

Ninja Turtles -
The term stems from when correctional officers wears riot gear. It has been said by some that they resemble the actual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Programmer -
In prison, "programmer" is slang describing an inmate who spends most of their time going to classes and trying to become a better person.

Shank -
"Shank" has been used for decades to describe various things, such as the part of a tobacco pipe known as the leg, or as slang for a makeshift knife.

Prison safe -
"Prison safe" refers to the safest place in the inmates' cell. This is where they might stash drugs, cash, and other contraband during cell inspections.

Hard candy -
In prison slang, "hard candy" is a gang or an individual who committed a serious violation of unwritten jailhouse rules, such as snitching on someone.

Road kill -
"Road kill" in prison is actually cigarette butts picked on the side of the road by prison workers and then rerolled with toilet paper to become cigarettes for inmates.

Got a body -
"Got a body" is a phrase used when a prisoner has killed another person. It tends to be used for people who are actually facing murder charges.

Keister -
When a prisoner has a prohibited item and no place to hide it, they might "keister" it. This means to place the item into their rear.

Porcelain termite -
If an incarcerated person gets upset and starts to destroy toilets and sinks, then they're dubbed a "porcelain termite."

Pruno -
"Pruno" refers to a moonshine made with water, fermented bread, and fruit or fruit peelings. It's usually placed in a bag and hidden.

All day -
The term is used for those with a life sentence. So if you're in without parole, you've got an "all day." And if you're in for a year, then you're doing a "bullet."

Pumpkin -
People who wear orange correctional apparel during processing or while incarcerated are sometimes called "pumpkins."

Mofongo -
"Mofongo" is a prison meal that consists of a mixture of chips, ramen, instant rice, mackerel, pre-wrapped sausages, and seasoning.

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