Questions Kids Have About School, Life, and Being a Student

Why do I have to go to school: Much of what you need to know to live successfully as an adult does not come naturally.

Did the U.S. Founding Fathers discuss school in the country’s founding documents: America’s Founding Fathers debated a bit as to whether to force children to attend schools.

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Why are some kids better at schoolwork than others are: Some children do better in school than others for many reasons.

What is a learning disability: Learning disabilities are disorders that keep people from understanding or using spoken or written language in typical ways.

Why do I have to do homework: The hours in a school day and the amount of time a teacher can spend individually with students are limited.

What’s the best way to make friends at a new school: Although it might feel overwhelming during your first few days at a new school.

Why do I have to be a “good sport” when I lose a game: Sports, games, and competitions (such as spelling bees and gymnastics competitions) always have winners and losers.

What do I do if I am being bullied: Lots of kids have been picked on by a bully, for many different reasons.

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