Remembering the Rat Pack

The Rat Pack -
Sinatra quickly recruited his cronies to form the definitive Rat Pack quintet, the ones who along with Ol' Blue Eyes are most associated.

Bogey and Bacall -
In 1955, so the story goes, Frank Sinatra joined Bogie, Bacall, Judy Garland, and British actor David Niven on an especially wild long weekend in Las Vegas.

New leader of the pack -
Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Lauren Bacall, and Humphrey Bogart attend the premiere of 'The Desperate Hours' in Los Angeles in October 1955.

Frank Sinatra (1915–1998) -
The leader of the pack, Frank Sinatra is regarded as one the greatest and most influential musical artists of the 20th century.

Sammy Davis Jr. (1925–1990) -
With a background in vaudeville, Sammy Davis Jr. grew up to become an entertainment legend. 

Peter Lawford (1923–1984) -
From the 1940s to the 1960s, English-born American actor and socialite Peter Lawford was a well-known celebrity.

Joey Bishop (1918–2007) -
Joseph Abraham Gottlieb, known professionally as Joey Bishop, made his name as a comedian in television in the late 1940s

Class act -
The Rat Pack perform on stage in Las Vegas. Their act became known as the "Summit at the Sands," and combined songs, gags, and wisecracks.

Day and night -
The group filmed by day and performed at the Sands Copa Room by night, drinking and singing on stage into the small hours.

Directing 'Ocean's 11' -
Director Lewis Milestone talking through a scene on set with Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Sammy Davis Jr.

'Sergeants 3' (1962) -
The comedy Western 'Sergeants 3' again starred all five members of the pack. But it also marked the last time the quintet appeared together on celluloid.

Kennedy connection -
Peter Lawford was married to Patricia Kennedy (1924–2006), a younger sister of then-senator John F.

'Robin and the 7 Hoods' (1964) -
Lawfords' role in the spoof gangster movie 'Robin and the 7 Hoods' was written out, his part instead going to Bing Crosby.

And then there were three - By the mid-1960s, Bishop was hosting his own television comedy shows and was seen less and less in the company of Sinatra and co.

Loyalty to Lawford -
While Sinatra wanted nothing more to do with Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr. remained loyal. 

Together again -
Sinatra, Martin, and Davis announced a 29-date US tour called Together Again in December 1987.

The last rat in the pack -
Frank Sinatra died in 1998, leaving Joey Bishop as the last surviving member of the pack. 

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