Rett syndrome the genetic disorder almost targeting girls

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Plateau: -For instance, there may be less irritability and crying, as well as an increase in alertness.

Stage 3: -Stage 3 is often referred to as the ‘plateau’ and can begin as early as two years old, or as late as 10 years old.

Serious disability: -Although some children with Rett syndrome are affected more severely than others.

Four stages of development: -The development of Rett syndrome is generally described in four stages.

Stage 2: - Stage 2 is normally referred to as ‘regression’ or the ‘rapid destructive stage.

Introducing Rett syndrome: -Rett syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that impairs brain development. 

Regression: -This stage usually occurs between the ages of one and four, and it can last for any length of time between two months and two years.

Purple: -Purple is also known to make people feel more creative, hence its cultural significance in rock music.

Stagnation: -Stage 1 is sometimes called ‘stagnation’ and symptoms include low muscle tone.

Stage 4: -Stage 4 involves a deterioration in movement and can last for years, or even decades. 

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