Rhythms of remembrance The best songs about World War II

Heading 1

'Angel of Death': - Slayer -The first track off Slayer's third studio album, 1986's 'Reign in Blood.

'The War': - Angels & Airwaves -Tom DeLonge, of Blink-182 fame, released 'The War' in 2006 with his side project Angels.

'Dance Me to the End of Love': - Leonard Cohen -While nothing more than a haunting love song on first listen, Leonard Cohen's masterful 'Dance Me to the End of Love'. 

'Red Sector A': - Rush -Prog rock pioneers Rush released 'Red Sector A' in 1984. 

'PT-109': - Jimmy Dean -Country music star Jimmy Dean wrote a song in 1962 chronicling then-president John F. Kennedy's incredible story of luck on the PT-109.

'Goodbye Blue Sky': - Pink Floyd -'Goodbye Blue Sky' is the seventh track on Pink Floyd's 1979 seminal rock-opera concept album.

'Corporal Clegg': - Pink Floyd -More than 10 years before the release of 'The Wall,' Pink Floyd were already concerning themselves with wartime themes. 

'Aces High': - Iron Maiden -English classic metal band Iron Maiden released their career-defining track 'Aces High' in 1984. 

'I've Known No War': - The Who -'I've Known No War,' released by The Who in 1982, poignantly touched on the anxieties of post-bomb Cold War society.

'The White Cliffs of Dover': - Vera Lynn -English singer Vera Lynn was one of the champions of Allied military morale during the war. Many of her songs were penned in support of the young men fighting overseas.

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