Royals caught off-guard

Windswept royal - We're not sure this is the look that the Queen Consort was going for. Sometimes the wind decides when it's a big hair day!

Laughing solo - Even Prince William knows its important to be able to laugh at oneself.

Unimpressed Harry - Here's Harry visiting sexual health charity, NAZ, in 2016. The royal was caught off-guard while listening to a choir.

Harry's "oops" moment - We'll probably never know what happened to make Harry pull this face. Regardless, it is pretty funny.

Making Nicole Kidman laugh - Prince William caught sharing what seems to be an amusing story to the Hollywood starlet.

Genuine happiness - A rare smile from a low-key Queen Elizabeth.

Making a statement - The Princess caught mid-sentence during a visit to Harrow College on Mental Health Day in 2015.

Windy affair - The Duchess of Cambridge struggles to keep her hair and skirt under control during a trip to Calgary, Canada.

Royal frown - Perhaps Princess Anne had spotted an uninvited guest!

Princess pout - Princess Anne showing how a royal pout is done.

Charismatic Charles - Looking through a periscope? Charles signalling something during his meeting with Battle of Britain veterans in 2010.

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