Secret code words

Mayday, mayday, mayday! - This is a universal distress signal in a case of emergency. It's usually transmitted via radio.

Pan-Pan -
"Pan-Pan" is used when there's a problem but the situation is not deemed serious enough and no lives are at risk, so using "Mayday" would be overkill.

7500 -
You don't want your pilot to ever mention this number. The code 7500 means that the plane is being hijacked.

Code Adam -
This one is used in several public places, including malls, airports, museums, and hospitals. It means that a child has gone missing.

Code Oscar or Mr Mob -
Shouting "Man overboard!" is probably not the best option in a crowded vessel. Instead, "oscar, oscar, oscar" is used.

Code 10 - A "Code 10" can be issued by merchants if they suspect someone is committing credit card fraud. 

1488 - Used by white supremacists around the world, if you see this number in an email address, a t-shirt, or a tattoo, you'll know the person has a Neo-nazi ideology.

London Underground cleaning codes - There's a specific code for each situation. These include, code 1 for blood, code 2 for urine/feces, and code 3 for vomit.

Code 18 - If another tech guy says you have a "Code 18," then this means the problem is 18 inches from the screen. Yes, you again!

Protein spill -
If you happen to throw up at Disneyland, employees will refer to the incident as a "Protein spill" or a "Code v."

Code Winnie -
This is the code used when kids pee in the swimming pool at Disneyland.

Code Bravo -
This a general security alert code used in airports.

7600 -
In aviation, this code means that there is a problem with radio communications.

U.S. police use a whole lot of 10s - American police have a number of codes starting with number 10. Examples include 10-35 for a major crime alert, and 10-89 for a bomb threat.

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