Shady songs about lies and deception

'Cry Me a River' by Justin Timberlake - This huge Justin Timberlake hit is supposedly about his famous ex, Britney Spears, and how she lied to him.

'Beautiful Liar' by Beyoncé and Shakira - 'Beautiful Liar' is all about heartbreak, being wronged and cheated on, and ultimately falling for the wrong guy.

'Would I Lie to You? 'by Eurythmics - Annie Lennox sings about telling someone it straight and leaving, in this catchy, upbeat tune.

'Say My Name' by Destiny’s Child - A guy not saying your name and not calling you baby is a bit shady, according to Beyoncé and co.

'Lie to Me' by The Pretenders -
Chrissie Hynde sings about not believing a word her lover says. "If you lie to me again...," goes the chorus, repeatedly.

'Don’t Lie' by Black Eyed Peas -
There's an apology for lying and cheating. But it's too little too late, because "she said I'm leaving / 'Cause she can't take the pain."

'Lie to Me' by Bon Jovi -
Sometimes we'd rather be lied to than face the truth. 'If you don't love me / Lie to me," sings Jon Bon Jovi.

'Liar' by Camila Cabello -
There's no point in lying to yourself when you're in love...even if you don't want to be.

'Bad Liar' by Selena Gomez -
Hiding a crush is pretty much lying, right? But sometimes we can't hide it. "With my feelings on fire / Guess I'm a bad liar."

'Dear Lie' by TLC -
Lying might seem like the easiest path at first, but it's one that only leads to bad things, according to this song by TLC.'

'Love Don’t Lie' by Def Leppard -
There might be many liars around, but love is certainly genuine, according to Def Leppard.

'Sweetest Lie' by Goo Goo Dolls - 'Sweetest Lie' is pretty much about not being corresponded by a lover, by believing in a lie.

'How Do You Sleep?' by Sam Smith - "Baby, how do you sleep when you lie to me?," sings Sam Smith in this song about heartbreak.

'Beyond Belief' by Elvis Costello - Costello hints about love, seduction, and deception in 'Beyond Belief.' 

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