Signs that your soul has lived a past lifeSigns that your soul has lived a past life

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Déjà vu: Everyone experiences the sensation of déjà vu, usually triggered by smells, sounds, sights.

You're an empath: This can indicate that the soul has reincarnated many times.

Strong intuition: Strong intuition requires wisdom, possibly indicating that you have already learned and grown from events in a past life.

Strong intuition: If you have a sense for something that hasn't happened or are able.

Déjà vu: While thought to be caused by neurological dissonance.

Recurring dreams: Some people dream of places and people that feel very familiar.

Recurring dreams: Dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind, and some believe.

Out-of-place memories: There are many cases of young children who have memories where they can accurately describe in detail people.

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Out-of-place memories: Although these memories could just be fantasies or incongruencies.