Signs you're forcing a relationship

You can’t resolve conflicts: Is the end of the relationship always imminent when you fight.

You’re always fighting: If you’re constantly fighting, then there is possibly a communication problem and you're likely frustrated, angry, and unhappy.

You’re not excited about the future: When people love each other and are in happy relationships, they are excited about what comes next.

You don’t visualize a future with the person: Not making plans for the future is a clear sign you’re not in it for the long term.

You hope the person will change: If you’re in a relationship because you’re hoping that the person will change.

You have to walk on eggshells all the time: If you have to constantly monitor all your words and actions and censor yourself to avoid upsetting your partner.

You love the idea of a relationship, just not with that person: Maybe you just really want a relationship. 

Why do we force relationships: There are many reasons why we force relationships.

What does forcing a relationship actually mean: You know deep down that something is not quite right with your relationship. 

You prefer to be apart than together: There is nothing wrong with spending some time alone and enjoying it. 

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