Social situations that introverts dread

Not having enough alone time - When you're an introvert, having some alone time every day is essential. How long do people really expect to hang out anyway?

Public speaking - Public speaking is a personal hell for an introvert. 

Parties full of strangers - Introverts will find two or three close friends and stick to them like a magnet the entire night. 

Planning for an event - When you're half excited for an upcoming event, but also half terrified.

Meeting new people - Socializing is hard enough, but now we have to do it with new people? Impossible. 

Small talk - Some people are professional small talkers, while others find it pointless. Why does everybody want to talk about the weather all of the time?

Crowded spaces - When there are so many people on the street that you just want to curl into a ball on the ground. 

Staying in touch with people - Regardless of being an introvert, staying in touch with friends and family from afar can get difficult.

Group participation - Group participation, whether you are in school or at work, is so difficult for introverts. 

Work parties - Work parties can be the worst part of the professional week for introverts. Don't we hang out enough? Why is everyone so social?!

Talking on the phone - Talking in person can be stressful enough for some introverts—adding a technological barrier definitely doesn't help.

People talking to you while you're reading - When you're right in the middle of your book and someone thinks it's time to stop and talk to you...

Being told to be more social - When you're an introvert, people will tell you all the time to "be more social," as if that's all it takes.

Remembering names - Have you ever been so focused on introducing yourself that you forget the other person's name? 

Being ignored - An introvert may be more quiet than the rest of the group, but that doesn't mean they have nothing to say.

Loud noises - For some introverts, loud noises can be deafening. Whether it be overly loud talkers or a chaotic concert, loud noises are to be avoided at all costs. 

When people mistake silence for judgment - Simply because someone is quiet does not mean they are being judgmental. Often times, it's actually the opposite.

People who are intolerant of introverts - Just because you do things differently or act a certain way does not mean it's wrong!

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